Australian New Zealand Education Consultants (Private) Limited

Australian New Zealand Education Consultants or ANZEC is a Student Counseling and Promotion Service established in 1994 under the guidance of Mr. M.D.H Fernando, Comprising of four Director, Mr. M.D.H Fernando, Mrs. A.K.H Fernando, Miss M. Dinithi Fernando and Mr. Dineth Fernando ANZEC continues to promote students to Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia offering students Free of Charge Counseling in selecting a proper education programme suiting their requirements in Ranks, Budget, Location and many more factors.

Going overseas for higher education can be a tedious task, especially if student have never traveled abroad before. We strive to ensure that students are kept well informed so that they would understand what is in store for them thereby can cope up with the new challengers in a more effective manner.

Services We provide Include

· Assistance with choosing a course and obtaining a Letter of Offer from the provider

· Assistance with lodging of Student Visa file to obtain your Student Visa Permit

· Assistance with securing proper accommodation whether its On Campus or Temporary Accommodation close to Education Provider

· Assistance with booking Travel Tickets.

Our Services are Completely Free of Charge

Australian New Zealand Education Consultants Pvt Ltd has been appointed as a Recognised Agent by the New Zealand Immigration Authority.

Our Working Process in 3 Steps

As a company, ANZEC established to provide complete and customized end-to-end solutions for students education, we help develop and/or improve the process of assessing student learning for a better career achievement following the right standards.

We ensure to develop "responsible persons" who will dedicate themselves to the enhancement of their knowledge conjoined with career success.

to understand

ANZEC undertake activities in clarifying the needs of the students and the university, the relevant administrators and others involved with the outcomes of student learning - enable the unit to decide what courses they value and thus what they expect to learn.


ANZEC agrees on ways to use the selected thoughts of the students to support improved student learning as well as an improved process setting appropriate criteria and high standards for learning quality ensuring all students of ANZEC get the right choice.

quality assurance

ANZEC Quality assurance is always guaranteed for the betterment of all students, ensuring our professionals guidance meet the goals of the students are compatible with the mission of the university and its strategic plan.

Our mission is your success!