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Dear Mr & Mrs. Devaka Fernando,

I wish to advise that we were able to lodge my daughter's visa application on Wednesday 2ndDec at 4.15 PM.! That is on the same day that the original documents were received from Australia.

This would have not been possible without the hard work the perseverance and the dedication of your two wonderful children. Dinithi and Dinith worked tirelessly and took great pains for almost 3 hours to get the file into order. You two are blessed, to have two wonderful children and obviously, your training and honest work has paid rich dividends.

Now I can understand why you require most of the documents (which are difficult to obtain!) as you wish to obtain a successful result 100 % of the time for your clients.

Mr.Fernando, you guided us 5 years ago to obtain visa for my son which I personally thought was impossible!. Since then, in May of this year my elder daughter Nilangani too obtained visa through your guidance.

Now with the assistance of your two children we are hopeful that my youngest daughter Uvini too would be able to obtain visa.

Your company is truly a professional outfit. I can and I will always recommend your consultancy to all my friends and relatives.

May you go on from strength to strength...

Thank you.

Aninda Atapattu Parent


The staff was wonderful and perfect advice was granted to me to select the best Overseas institute which made my education selection a success! Thanks ANZEC.

Sherin De Alwis Student



I am thankful to find ANZEC, who found me the path to my education which will bring my Career to a higher level.

Nirosha Bandara Student


Our Working Process in 3 Steps

As a company, ANZEC established to provide complete and customized end-to-end solutions for students education, we help develop and/or improve the process of assessing student learning for a better career achievement following the right standards.

We ensure to develop "responsible persons" who will dedicate themselves to the enhancement of their knowledge conjoined with career success.

to understand

ANZEC undertake activities in clarifying the needs of the students and the university, the relevant administrators and others involved with the outcomes of student learning - enable the unit to decide what courses they value and thus what they expect to learn.


ANZEC agrees on ways to use the selected thoughts of the students to support improved student learning as well as an improved process setting appropriate criteria and high standards for learning quality ensuring all students of ANZEC get the right choice.

quality assurance

ANZEC Quality assurance is always guaranteed for the betterment of all students, ensuring our professionals guidance meet the goals of the students are compatible with the mission of the university and its strategic plan.

Our mission is your success!